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#HeartsTogether: The Art of Rebuilding is a neighborhood beautification project and a way for our congregations —Tree of Life, New Light and Dor Hadash—to say thank you to those who showed us so much love and support in the aftermath of the October 27, 2018 massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue building. In transforming the site of the tragedy into one of beauty, the congregations intend to project outward the strength and positivity that the neighborhood, the city and the world shared with us during our darkest days. These healing and uplifting works of art are meant to reflect and honor the loving, joyful lives of our eleven victims and bring light back to the corner of Wilkins and Shady avenue.


We are delighted to present here 224 beautiful submissions we received. We wish there were room for more than 101 pieces of artwork on the windscreens that make up the sidewalk gallery; however, space did not allow. THANK YOU to all of our youthful artists! If we all continue to focus on modeling kindness and positivity, as expressed in the uplifting images here, we can make our communities and the world a more joyful and inclusive place.

TOL blue tarps close Shady, 2.png



Here is the layout of the art on the windscreen panels:

Below is the full gallery of #HeartsTogether images.

Once you click “load more” at the bottom of this page, you can use the Control-F function to search for artwork by artist’s first name, school or city.

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